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How long is the hiring process and when can I expect to hear back?

We understand that hiring processes differ from client to client and therefore are accommodating to each specific need and requirement. The hiring process for temporary and permanent jobs differs slightly, however, candidates always start with a telephone consultation with one of our experts to understand skills fit your job requirements. From there we ensure that all of their documentation is collected and in order. We will then introduce you to the candidate and hope for a perfect fit.

How do you handle background checks and verification of credentials?

We will follow the lead of our client and will be flexible to the specific requirements. If that includes DBS checks or specific qualifications, we will facilitate and ensure that the client is not sent non-qualifying candidates.

How do you handle communication and coordination with candidates throughout the hiring process?

We will always communicate clearly, transparently, and quickly with our candidates. Our primary methods of contact is by telephone +44 (0) 208 089 8008 and email enquiries@thinkworkforce.co.uk.

What is your success rate in placing candidates in similar roles?

We always deliver according to our client's requirements. We have trusted regular workers specifically in the temporary job field. We make sure our clients get the required workforce when needed.

How do you ensure that the candidates you present to me are a good fit for our company culture and requirements?

The crucial piece of the puzzle is first of all understanding deeply our clients’ culture and their exacting requirements. Thereafter it is pretty easy, we try to achieve this. We achieve this via assessments both on-paper (CV, qualifications, etc) and also by learning about the person behind the CV and making sure that there is a natural fit.

How quickly can you provide me with a shortlist of qualified candidates?

We will work as fast as we can. We have a very strong database of suitable carers and have resources at our fingertips to cast the net much wider than that, test us!

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