Help Prepare Your Hospital for Patients


With the continued rise in COVID-19 cases, vaccines and vaccine boosters are becoming increasingly important for all age groups to have and are becoming a requirement to enter many establishments and countries around the world. Many people have already had their first or second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine however some age groups are being recommended a third, so it is important that as a medical professional, you help to prepare your hospital for the influx of people coming back to get their COVID booster jabs.

Why Are Hospitals Offering a COVID-19 Booster?

Hospitals are now offering a booster jab of the COVID-19 vaccine to help offer an increased level of protection for many people in the hopes to aid with the human body’s defence against the COVID-19 virus. Like many vaccines, the level of protection offered begins to fade over time, thus they become less effective at combating the virus. The body, therefore, needs what is known as a booster jab to help replenish and extend the level of protection the human body will have against the COVID-19 virus. The third or second COVID-19 booster is touted to aid in reducing the risk of people needing admission to hospital if they happen to catch the virus.

How Can I Prepare My Hospital for Patients Receiving Their COVID-19 Booster?

Many hospitals will be giving out booster doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. You can help prepare your hospital to better remain organised for the large influx of people receiving their booster jabs by staying vigilant and ensuring that patients are receiving the correct booster that correlates to their previous COVID-19 vaccine injections. Be sure to regularly check hand washing stations to ensure that they have the appropriate apparatus to allow staff and patients to disinfect themselves. Be sure to wash and disinfect your hands when giving or dealing with patients receiving their vaccine boosters. It is advisable to wear a mask at all times as well as ensure that patients are also adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines within your hospital, such as remaining 2 metres apart. A great way to ensure that your hospital is prepared is to constantly wipe down surfaces after they have received human touch, either from staff or a patient. This could be things like wiping down door handles, chairs or countertops. Be sure to keep windows open to allow for proper air circulation.

What Side Effects in Patients to Look Out For?

You can also help prepare your hospital for patients receiving their COVID-19 boosters by being aware of things like if anyone has had a reaction to a previous COVID-19 vaccine or booster, then they should not receive another. It is also important to look out for any serious vaccine side effects as reported by the Yellow Card Scheme which occurs in patients and is ready to help any patients who experience things like shortness of breath, chest pain, feeling faint or heart palpitations. Be sure to have things like water and chairs that patients can sit down and rest should they feel any of these adverse effects. By Staying vigilant and carrying out some of these steps, you can help prepare your hospital for patients receiving their COVID-19 booster jabs. If you are looking to switch to locum work, get in touch with us today! We've got more informative and insightful resources for you on the ThinkLocum blog.
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