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Care Recruitment – our name says it all – we’re all about providing you with the best talent in the care industry.

What our name doesn’t say, is that we pride ourselves on being second to none. Top quality staff, amazing service and being more than just an agency, to both our candidates and our clients.

With our innovative recruitment strategies, vast network of qualified candidates and digital-first approach, we’re confident that we can help you build a brilliant workforce.

Contract Professionals

Hire skilled professionals on a temporary basis for short and long-term assignments.

Permanent Placement

Add full-time employees at every level of seniority.

Managed Solutions

Access deep consulting expertise or specialised project teams.



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Care Workers

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Health Care Assistants

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Other Care Workers

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Our Commitment to the Force Behind ThinkCarers

Everyone at ThinkCarers is  dedicated to delivering the best possible service to our clients and we make 2 commitments to every single client:

1. We will do our best
We are committed to doing our best. Doing our best to understand the unique needs of each of our clients, to make the hiring process as easy as possible and doing our best to solve any and every problem that comes up during the course of our relationship. It won't always be exactly perfect, but it will be our best.

2. We will communicate clearly
We know that transparency and clarity of communication is absolutely essential to a good working relationship between Carer, Agency, and Client. Sometimes we have good news – “Yes, we can fill that desperate last-minute shift” and sometimes we will have bad news “We are really sorry, but our carer has had to cancel their shift at the last minute”. Of course, we are committed to making good news the norm, but either way, we all know that things happens, and as such we know that the only way to communicate news, good or bad, is clearly.

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Any worker in a care environment

Support workers and key workers

Youth support workers

Social workers

Registered nursing staff

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Why use ThinkCares?

Quality Care Workers

We carefully select the best, most qualified, and compassionate care workers in the industry through a rigorous recruitment process. We understand that everyone has unique needs and requirements, which is why we take the time to match our clients with the perfect care worker to meet their requirements. Our goal is to provide peace of mind and ensure our clients receive the highest level of service to do what they do best; care.

Spectacular Service

We aim to build meaningful relationships with both our clients and carers, with focus on improving quality of life for those in need of care. We assist with making the hunting, hiring and onboarding process foolproof and as smooth as possible.

Extra Mile

We have been around longer than the iPhone, and for good reason. We are proud to have built a team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable, passionate, and experts in care trends, technologies, and regulations.

We leverage our expertise to provide the best possible service to both our clients and our care workers.

Experience in the World of Care

We have been around longer than the iPhone, and for good reason. We are proud to have built a team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable, passionate, and experts in care trends, technologies, and regulations.

We leverage our expertise to provide the best possible service to both our clients and our care workers.

Digital Innovation

We firmly believe that technology can revolutionise the care industry and enhance the experience for both clients and care workers. That's why we have embraced a digital approach that streamlines the matching process, making it easier and faster to connect clients with the right care worker.

Support and Guidance

We understand that the process of finding the right care worker or care giver can be challenging. That’s why our team is dedicated to making your experience as seamless as possible by providing you with the necessary resources and guidance to succeed. With our support, you can be confident that you will find the perfect care worker or care giver to meet your needs.

Let us find the right Care staff for you



Can you tell me more about the hiring process and how your agency works?

The hiring process for temporary and permanent jobs differs slightly, however, we will always start with a telephone consultation with one of our experts to understand what you are looking for and your skills. From there it is a case of getting all your documents done and onboarded with us. We will then introduce you to the client and hope for a great fit…and then it is off to work.

Can I still work as a locum if I am not registered with the General Medical Council (GMC)?

In order to onboard with us, we are going to need: 

- As a minimum, your CV
- Your DBS (on the update service)
- Your Right to Work (passport and/or residents permit)
- Proof of address (utility bill/bank statement dated no longer than 3 months ago)
- Proof of NI (Payslip/P60/P45)
- References
- Any training and qualifications certificates you have

I don't have a CV, can I still apply for the vacancy?

The vast majority of the vacancies we recruit for do require a CV. We provide helpful guidance on how to create a CV and what information to include if you don't already have one. Check out the best CV writing guide ever made.

How long is the hiring process and when can I expect to hear back?

Hiring processes are different from client to client but usually days rather than weeks. Our team will always keep you informed so check your emails regularly and if you need anything, or just want to chase (or chat!), please always feel free to give us a call at +44 (0)208 089 8008 any time

Do you offer sponsorships for ex-pat care workers?

No, we're sorry but our clients do not offer sponsorships for expat care workers at this time. However, there are many alternative recruitment agencies and companies that may be able to provide sponsorship for expat care workers. We recommend conducting a search online or contacting other recruitment agencies directly to explore your options. We wish you the best of luck in your search for sponsorship.

What are the associated fees for helping me find a job?

We’re happy to say that our service is completely free of charge! Our recruitment agency is constantly searching for the perfect candidates to fill vacant positions at our clients, and we don’t charge any fees to job seekers.

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