2023 Trends and Predictions for Locum GP Work in the UK


Once upon a time, the idea of a locum doctor was simply a way of patching up a lack of staff in general practice. However, in 2023, locum doctors will continue to be a vital resource in UK healthcare.

They are a core part of the medical staff who perform daily appointments and cover for sick or absent professionals. As a result of their constantly evolving place in the medical world, a new series of predictions and trends have cropped up for 2023. Let’s take a look at what experts believe the future holds for locum doctors.

Increased demand 

Naturally, the demand for professionals working as locum doctors will continue to rise. They provide a valuable service to the medical community, stepping up to take charge of situations where normal GPs are absent.

As the medical community battles with continued COVID-19 infections and the normal spot of holidays and illnesses that all professionals experience, locum doctors will be relied upon more and more to provide support during these periods. Other factors for this continued rise include an aging population, an increase in chronic diseases, and a shortage of permanent GP staff. As a result, more and more GP practices are turning to locum GPs to fill temporary staffing gaps.

Increased Salary

In 2023, locum GP rates are expected to continue to increase, as demand for locum GPs continues to outstrip supply. This will likely lead to more GP practices being willing to pay higher rates for locum staff, as they struggle to find enough permanent staff to meet their needs.

As most professionals are happy to step up and provide help for general practices across England, they will also expect a similar level of respect and compensation for their work as a normal doctor would
receive. This is perfectly understandable, and most experts agree that the average salary for a locum GP will rise.

Need for new characteristics

The use of locum GPs is also expected to increase in non-traditional settings, such as prisons, care homes, and walk-in clinics. This is driven by the need for more flexible and responsive healthcare
services, as well as the shortage of permanent GP staff in these settings.

As the role of the locum doctor becomes much more prominent, there are certain characteristics that will rise up as being the most important. We feel this will include a wealth of different traits. Professionals will need to have good communication skills to make sure that they can quickly build relationships with both staff and patients. They also need to be able to properly communicate medical information.

There will definitely be a need to adjust the working hours that doctors provide to meet the expectations of the practice they are working in. They may find that there is a demand for unusual working hours. Furthermore, a good replacement GP will need to be able to adapt quickly to different circumstances in order to deliver care successfully

Use of technology in locum work

Another trend that is expected to continue in 2023 is the use of technology in the locum GP market. This includes the use of online platforms to connect GP practices with locum GPs, as well as the use of digital tools to manage scheduling and payments. This trend is driven by the need for more efficient and cost-effective staffing solutions.

Final thoughts

It is clear that locum doctors are going to be in heavy demand throughout 2023. These incredibly talented professionals will be highly valued for their skill sets, so it’s important that they can adjust to whatever situation they find themselves in.

Overall, the trends and predictions for locum GP work in the UK in 2023 suggest that demand for locum GPs will continue to increase, driven by a shortage of permanent GP staff and the need for more flexible and responsive healthcare services. As a result, more GP practices will turn to locum GPs, and rates for locum GPs are likely to increase. Additionally, technology and regulation are expected to play a greater role in the locum GP market, helping to ensure that locum GPs meet certain standards and qualifications.

What is arguably most important is that they receive adequate pay and benefits for the work that they do. They are replacing valuable professionals, and many practices would be in big trouble without them, so they need to get proper compensation for that. However, if this is achieved, then there is no doubt that these types of doctors will continue to help support the medical profession for 2023 and beyond.

Another benefit of being a locum doctor in London is the exposure to a multicultural environment. London is a melting pot of different cultures, and working in this diverse setting can broaden a doctor's perspective and enhance their cultural competence. Interacting with patients from various backgrounds and understanding their unique healthcare needs can be both challenging and rewarding.

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