Frequently Asked Questions

Gave some questions around employing locums? Check out the answers below.

How long does the hiring process take with at ThinkLocum?

The duration of the hiring process can differ based on the unique needs and requirements of each employer.

Nevertheless, we consistently strive to keep you informed and offer a timeline to the best of our ability.

Initially, the process starts off with a phone consultation involving one of our experts who will gain an understanding of your job specifications and explore potential candidates. Subsequently, we diligently gather all essential documentation and arrange interviews with well-suited candidates. Our priority is to ensure a seamless and efficient process from the initial call through to the locum practitioner completing their shifts.

How do you handle background checks and verification of credentials for candidates?

Our locum recruitment agency places a strong emphasis on the meticulousness of background checks and credential verification. We maintain close collaboration with our clients to guarantee that all candidates go through the required screenings and checks tailored to their respective roles. This approach includes conducting DBS checks, reference checks, and scrutinizing qualifications and work experience, and references. Rest assured, our dedicated team will handle all the necessary steps involved in this process, ensuring that you are consistently well-informed at every stage.

How do you manage communication and coordination during the recruitment process?

At our locum recruitment agency, we recognize the significance of communication in facilitating a successful hiring process. We prioritize clear, transparent, and prompt communication with our candidates and clients. To ensure effective engagement, we employ various communication methods, including phone and email. Our dedicated team is readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Please feel free to reach out to us via telephone or email us. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

What is your success rate in placing candidates in similar roles?

We take pride in our remarkable success rate when it comes to placing candidates in similar roles. We have a proven track record of effectively matching the right candidates to the right locum jobs, consistently satisfying our clients with our services.

However, it's crucial to acknowledge that each job and client is distinct, and we dedicate ourselves to meeting their specific needs and requirements. Our diligent efforts are focused on delivering tailored solutions for every placement.

How do you ensure that candidates are a good fit for our company culture and requirements?

We employ a two-pronged approach to ensure that candidates align well with our clients' practice culture and requirements. Firstly, we possess a comprehensive understanding of our clients' culture and specific needs. Secondly, we evaluate candidates based on their CV, and qualifications, and go beyond by establishing a personal connection to gauge their suitability for our clients' practice culture. This approach enables us to present candidates who not only possess the necessary skills and experience but also share the same values and work ethic as our clients. Our aim is to provide a harmonious match between the candidate and the client to foster long-term success.

How quickly can you provide a shortlist of qualified candidates?

We recognize the importance of time in the hiring process, and we are committed to delivering a shortlist of qualified candidates as promptly as possible.

Our process begins with an initial consultation with the client to gain a comprehensive understanding of their specific requirements and timelines. Leveraging our extensive candidate database and networks, we swiftly identify suitable candidates. To ensure quality and fit, our team conducts thorough screenings and assessments to verify qualifications and alignment with the company culture. While prioritizing efficiency, we aim to present a shortlist of qualified candidates within a reasonable timeframe, ensuring that both speed and quality are upheld throughout the process.

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