What are the requirements for becoming an accreditated GPwER?


A GPwER, otherwise known as a GP with extended role are GPs who hold a valid license to practice and whom continue to gain experience in and practise in various core areas of undifferentiated practice. Previously, GPwER doctors where known as GPwSI doctors, otherwise known as GP with special interests.

Having the ability to develop and learn new skills and knowledge as well as being recognised as having the ability to perform extra duties or extended roles can really help open doors in terms of career development as a GP. However, to become a GPwER, GP’s will need to receive specific accreditation in their chosen areas. This is to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care available from specialist GPs.

What Defines GPs With Extended Roles?

For GPs with Extended Roles, there are certain practices which are firstly defined in order for the GP to receive accreditation for their extended role. An extended role includes:

  • The GP performing activities or duties which are beyond the general GP scope of training. Actives that are beyond the scope of the MRCGP exam. Any activities or duties which GPs would not be able to perform without having first received specialist training.
  • The GP undertaking activities or duties which fall within a setting or contract which clearly distinguish the activities or duties from standard or normal GP practices.
  • Any activity or duties which are offered for any sum of fees which fall outside of the initial care which is provided to the general practice population.

There are also a few other factors which can extend the above definitions of an extended role, these include: 

  • GPs who receive any referrals for treatments or assessments which fall outside of their normal general practice.
  • GPs who undertake work which is currently attracting any separate or additional medical indemnity fees.

How to Get Accreditation for GPwER

There is an oversight group known as the RCGP which was originally established to help oversee the national accreditation of becoming a GPwER. The RCGP have released a framework which helps to support and govern GPwER accreditation. The framework for becoming accredited includes:

  • The process of becoming accredited is mostly about the GP as an individual and not related to their work premises. GPs can take their accreditations with them wherever they choose to work within the UK.
  • The framework supports GPs across each of the four UK nations, in and outside of working within the NHS.
  • It is now mostly competency based.
  • A GP will need to have a mentor who is a consultant or an RCGP accredited GPwER or another specialist in the relevant area a GP wishes to become accredited in.
  • It is a one of process to become accredited, GPs will not need to become reaccredited.
  • GPwERs will be encouraged to partake in annual performance reviews aimed at assessing their speciality role.

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