What is the 2022 Foundation Programme Timeline?


The Foundation Programme is a high-level, two-year training program in which applicants carry out work-based training with the aim of bridging the gap between general practice or speciality training and medical school.

The Foundation Programme is considered to be continuous professional development and helps newly qualified doctors and medical practitioners develop key clinical skills to better prepare them for their area of practice.

With that being said, the Foundation Program is highly competitive and has an incredibly long timeline process that applicants must stay on top of if they hope to secure a place in the program.

General Timeline of the Foundation Program

The Foundation Program timeline begins in June of the previous year; for the year 2022, this means that the process began back in June 2021. Eligibility applicant guidance is published this month, where potential applicants can check if they are eligible to apply to the Foundation Program. The student handbook, which covers many frequently asked questions, is also published here and is definitely worth checking out if you’re thinking of applying.

The eligibility application window opens for applicants to check if they are eligible for the program between July 14, 2021, and 4 August 2021. This is the most important window for applicants to apply. Eligibility and clinical assessment payment details are then released just a few days later to applicants on August 16, 2021.

If you didn’t quite get the news you were hoping for there is a short window to appeal between 16 and August 23, 2021. The appeal outcome will be released at the end of the month. Applicants must also have booked a PLAB by 31 August 2021 as well.

The National Foundation Programme registration is between 1– 8 September with the deadline to pay the clinical assessment fee being in between these dates on the 3 September.

The actual National Foundation Programme application window opens between 8 – 22 September so be sure to get your application in as early as possible provided you meet the eligibility requirements. It is also worth noting that the deadline to book SJT reasonable adjustments is 22 September 2021 with SJT booking for all applicants due between 4 October and 7 October.

Between October and November, applicants can expect to receive their clinical assessment dates and outcomes and have the chance to appeal their pre-allocation should they wish. Applicants must also sit the latest PLAB 1 by November 4, 2021.

The Foundation Programme Key Dates

The deadline to amend any preferences for any specialised programs is by 6 Jan 2022. Specialist programme offers are released between 12-13 January 2022. Offers are then gradually released between February and March, applicants should note that there are first, second, and third rounds of offers.

Applicants must have booked their PLAB 2 by 5 April 2022. Allocation and group matching is done between March and April. The latest examination for the PLAB 2 is on 31 May 2022. Applicants should know that the latest date to submit their application for registration is 7 July 2022. 

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