How do you find regular work as a locum GP?


Working as locum GP can be a great way to earn a sizable salary as a GP. Whether you plan to do locum GP work full time or part time, it has the potential to earn you a great financial return if you can find regular work. Below are some of the ways you can find regular work as a locum GP. 

Locum Chambers

Joining a locum chamber is a great way to find reliable and regular work as a locum GP. Locum chambers are made up of a small selection of locum GPs who help to arrange work with several local GP practices. The only downside is that you are required to pay a small fee out of your paycheck in exchange for regular locum work. 

Locum chambers are also a great way of receiving peer support and having other locum GPs to call on if you are sick for example, ensuring that a practice is left in a good standard. 

Locum Agencies

Signing up to locum agencies can be a great way of finding frequent locum work fast, and allows you to quickly jump to the next locum job when the time comes. You can gain a wide range of work experience and over time build a list of useful contacts and connections. 

Many Locum GPs opt for agencies like to help provide them with ongoing locum work. It is worth noting, however, that unfortunately, you will be unable to make pension contributions whilst working under many of the locum agencies around. You will be required to follow the regulations and terms of the agency, which some locum GPs may not find suitable to their needs. 

If you sign up to a locum agency, do be aware of any policies the agency may have about pulling out of your contract. It is also worth noting that you will still be personally responsible for chasing any payments if you work through a third-party organisation. 

A locum agency is a great place to start if you are just beginning your career as a locum GP as it is relatively easy to find regular and consistent work than if you were to set up as an independent locum with little to no experience. 

Independent Locum Work

Working independently as a locum GP is a popular choice for many locum GPs if they can find regular work as it gives the most autonomy. 

Working as an independent locum also gives you the opportunity to be able to negotiate your own rate of pay and when you want to work. You can also make contributions to your NHS pension. Ideally, as an independent locum, you can have more say over where you work, meaning you can hopefully work somewhere that is local to you, reducing your commute time. 

However, to be successful as an independent locum, you will need to build trustworthy and reliable relationships with local practices in order to find regular locum work.

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