What is the average salary of a locum nurse?


Working as a locum nurse can be a great way to gain valuable experience working within the healthcare industry. There are many benefits that come with working as a locum nurse, such as increased flexibility with working hours, being able to choose where you want to work, and the ability to get exposure to multiple nursing disciplines which can prove to be incredibly important as you progress in your career as a locum nurse.

What Sort of Salary Can I Expect as A Locum Nurse?

Generally speaking, you can earn a substantial amount of money as a locum nurse, especially compared to nurses of the same level working for the NHS, this is particularly great for nurses who are relatively new to the field and who don’t have much experience.

The average salary for locum nurses is £25.50 per hour, which equates to a yearly salary of £49,725 per year. Entry level locum nurses can expect to earn roughly £37,709 on the lower end of the spectrum, whilst experienced locum nurses can earn well over £60,000 per year.

This is much higher than say a registered healthcare nurse, who on average earn just £17.95 per hour equating to £34,998 per year. Entry level registered healthcare nurses can expect to earn around £30,000 per year whilst experienced registered healthcare nurses can earn upwards of £50,000.

Locum nurses, going by these numbers will on average out earn registered healthcare nurses. This means that if you’re after a higher salary as a nurse, then you will probably want to look into becoming a locum nurse or signing up with a locum agency who will help find you work. Locum nurses earn on average £10,000 - £13,000 more than registered healthcare nurses.

Overall, locum nurses are generally well paid and is a great field to get into if you lack experience as you can gain crucial exposure to all of the different departments that fall under the duties of being a nurse.

Why Become a Locum Nurse?

There are quite a number of reasons why you should consider becoming a locum nurse.

You’re Your Own Boss – One of the main reasons many nurses decide to pursue a path as a locum nurse is that you can be your own boss. As a locum nurse, you can pick and choose when you like to work and for how long you want to work. This enables you to have lots of freedom and plenty of time for other life activities should you wish.

Less Chance of Burnout – As a locum nurse, being able to choose your own hours means there is a reduced chance that you will burn yourself out early on in your career as a locum nurse.

Great Earning Potential – As a locum nurse, you have the ability to earn some pretty decent money. Especially if you are starting out in the career of nursing, becoming a locum nurse provides some high earning potential compared to hiring under the NHS for example.

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