How much can you earn as a locum doctor in Birmingham?


There are a multitude of different reasons as to why you should start a career as a locum doctor in Birmingham. Generally speaking, locum doctors are incredibly well paid and have a career full of opportunity, growth, and stability. Birmingham, being a vibrant and bustling city with a thriving healthcare sector, offers numerous advantages for locum doctors. With its renowned hospitals, diverse patient population, and cutting-edge medical facilities, Birmingham presents a wealth of opportunities for professional development and advancement. Additionally, the city's rich cultural heritage, vibrant arts scene, and excellent quality of life make it an attractive destination for doctors seeking a fulfilling and well-rounded career.

Locum Doctor Pay in Birmingham

Becoming a locum doctor will more than likely be a very rewarding career path for you if you are very financially motivated. Locum doctors are exposed to a huge variety of different hospitals, patients and people and can expect to carry out a range of different work and practices. Gaining a wide variety of experience is a great benefit and means you can normally ask for a higher rate of pay, especially if you specialise in a particular area.

Locum doctors in Birmingham usually get paid quite well, however, the hourly rate at which you will get paid can depend on when you work as well as where you work. Taking on work as a locum doctor can assist newly qualified doctors with money to pay off any remaining student debt that they may have hanging over them.  

How Much Can You Earn as A Locum Doctor in Birmingham?

Locum doctors earn an average of £46,000 with little to no experience, up to £88,000 with experience, nearly double. The average salary for a locum doctor in the UK is around £29.55 per hour, so as a locum doctor in Birmingham, you could expect to earn an average salary of £57,000 working full-time hours. This could be higher with experience or if say you worked as a locum doctor in London.

If you decide to become a locum doctor in Birmingham, you could always attempt to ask for a higher salary depending on who you are obtaining work through, if it is a locum agency they are usually relatively good at getting the best salary possible for the length of the contract as a particular area or hospital.

See the table below which outlines how much you could expect to earn as a locum doctor in Birmingham depending on your level of experience.  

Experience LevelHourly Rate
Foundation Level – Newly Qualified£30 - £75
Speciality Doctor£45 - £85

Become A Locum Doctor If You Want More Freedom

Becoming a locum doctor in Birmingham compared to a full-time salaried doctor offers the ability to have more freedom in your life. Usually, you can choose when and where you want to work as a locum doctor, compared to a salaried doctor who is likely stationed in one area for a long time.

Having the freedom to choose if you want to work full-time or part-time if you’re working as a locum doctor in Birmingham as you can make more time for other life commitments or family. Being able to work your career around your life is much better than working your life around your career, especially when the pay is good.

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